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How Much Does a Buyer’s Agent Charge?

There are two types of fee structures that buyer’s agents use.  One is a percentage based on the purchase price and the other is a flat fee based on the purchase price. Depending on the purchase price the average cost ranges from 1.5 to 2%.  This is a very small investment based on the size […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Home Now

COVID – 19 There has never been a better time for property owners to sell their property than now.  With private inspections back property there are far more serious buyers than the usual lookers at most open homes.  Unlike round one of the pandemic, the marketplace is not nervous.  It is on fire. There is […]

3 Tips to Be the Successful Property Buyer

Everyone wants to be treated seriously, unfortunately with the way the property market is and the general view that real estate agents have about property buyers it’s almost impossible to be in the running without knowing what to do.  Follow these 3 steps to increase your chances of being the winner! Do your due diligence […]

Buyers Agents Sydney Who Do I Choose?

The New Breed Buyers Agents are popping up everywhere in Sydney over the past 12 months.  The new breed has had little or no experience.  When this is the case it is far better to find an experienced agent or do it alone.  Real Estate is not something whereby you do a week’s course and […]

Property Buyers are You Getting the Run Around?

  Are you a frustrated property buyer? People just like you are reaching out to MULLIGAN Property Acquisitions to be their Sydney Buyer’s Agents.  Their biggest complaints are: The agent doesn’t respond to my email The agent doesn’t return our call The agent lies to us about the price The agent is not very truthful […]