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COVID & Property

Can I Inspect a Property For Sale?

Yes and No.  If you are in one of the hotspots LGA’s you cannot leave that LGA to inspect a property.  If the property is within your LGA you can.  People outside of one of these LGA’s can inspect properties within the hotspots only.

Can I Inspect a Property Outside of Sydney?

If it is a property to live in yes you can.  Check with the agent to see whether they are allowing people into their properties as some aren’t.  If the property is for an investment you cannot leave the area to inspect it.  Only one person can leave the area to inspect the property as far as we are aware.  Border restrictions apply outside of NSW and it is unlikely you will be allowed to travel interstate to inspect a property.

How Many People are Allowed to Inspect a Property?

If you are at a property with your partner or household only one person with the agent can inspect the property.  Husband and Wife are not able to go into the property together.

What if the Property is tenanted?

It is up to the tenant on whether they will allow access to the property.  If the tenant is not comfortable with people coming into their home an agent cannot access the property unless it is an urgent repair.

Can a tradesperson come into your home?

If it is necessary and they are deemed an essential service.  You should ensure anyone coming into the property has a mask and that they maintain social distancing.  It is best if you go outside while they are attending to repairs to minimise your risk.

Important note: Police NSW and Health NSW are making changes to the Public Health Orders and you should always check the NSW Government website by clicking here.

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