Choosing an Agent to Represent You When Buying a Property Will Be One of the Most Daunting Experiences One Will Experience in Their Lifetime.

Engaging the services of a real estate sales or buyer’s agent does cost money. There is no doubt about that. Over the past 20 years, I’ve spoken to buyers and sellers who have regrets for their choice of agent. They say I should have gone with my gut, but I didn’t, and they were locked in with the wrong agent.

Generally speaking, an agent with his or her face everywhere signboards, glossy brochures is not the best agent. They promote themselves that’s funded by their client. Yes, YOU. Just because an agent is known by everyone in the area doesn’t mean they are the best. Choose an agent that feels right.

If the agent is prepared to throw away their own money how can you expect them to have the skill to negotiate the best outcome for you.

Beware of agent’s that offer you a discount unless you are a referral or friend. In the real estate industry, there is a well-known saying, “The Biggest Liar Gets the Job”. This translates in everyday terms to the agent reduced their commission and quoted a high unlikely selling/buying price to the client.

So how do I find the best agent you ask? Well, this is very detailed. You can use the services of an independent person known as a vendor advocate. Our service is called “help sell”. We offer this service free of charges and sort something out with the agent. It’s completely independent and we know the tricks and tactics used by some agents.

You Must go With Your Gut Feeling!

An agent who offers on client one commission and another client a lower commission, he or she is dishonest. How would you feel if you knew your friend paid 1% less than you? This happens all the time.

If you can get an agent to reduce their commission, do it yourself, you are probably a better negotiator than they are.

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