The Dangers of The One Stop Property Shop

Warning Property Investment

Hundreds of consumers have been scammed by the one-stop property shop.  This is not a business name; this is the company that you find on a Facebook ad or property investment companies.   These types of scams are too good to be true.

“If it Sounds Too Good To Be True It Generally Is

Companies like this target older venerable people or Mum & Dad investors.  They’ll promise the world to suck you in.  They prey on the buyer, as the buyer understandably has no idea.  You only buy a property once or twice in your lifetime.

Generally speaking, you will be offered a solicitor, finance broker and possibly a financial insurer.  You will be promised the world and delivered a nightmare. 

You’ll Be Promised The World and Inherit a Nightmare

You will be given glossy brochures if you attend a seminar, they’ll feed you and fill you with alcohol before they start the hard sell.  These companies are paid massive commissions from developers, they can be $10,000’s on a low-grade investment property.  It will be located in a “high growth area”, with “massive infrastructure plans” and an unbelievable rental return.

These Companies Are Paid $10,000’s in Commissions

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