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Paul Mulligan Property Group offers a full service to property buyers looking to purchase residential or commercial real estate.

Complete Service

After performing a detailed property brief with you, Paul Mulligan Property Group will proceed by using all available means to find your home, investment property of commercial property. Countless hours of due diligent property searching, property inspections, thorough investigations & market analysis will give you peace of mind that behind the scenes were leaving nothing missed.  This service is popular for time poor buyers or buyers that are completely frustrated with the traditional real estate sales process.


Already have a property in your sights and need the assistance of an expert to act on your behalf? Paul Mulligan has helped negotiate thousands of real estate transactions throughout his career and has also completed intensive training on effective negotiation techniques.

By having a professional on your side during this stage in the purchasing process you not only have a better chance of ensuring the property is yours, but you will most certainly also pay the best possible price.

Silent Sales

For many different reasons an owner may decide to sell their property “off market”. This means that their property may not ever be listed on the market for sale, but they will rely on their agent’s industry connections to find a serious buyer or number of interested parties.

With the representation of your buyer’s agent, you can gain access to more properties that aren’t listed for sale when buying off-market. It’s also common to be able to negotiate more favourable terms when purchasing a property this way.

With over two decades experience in the industry, Paul has a far-reaching network of connections within real estate and as such his clients often gain exclusive access to off-market opportunities.

Auction bidding

Selling property at auction has become popular especially in the Sydney market. The problem that many people face when buying at auction is that they can be overwhelmed with emotion, nerves or simply go to an auction without the appropriate strategy. Through extensive experience and training, Paul Mulligan has the skills and expertise to represent his clients at auction to ensure they never overpay for a property and can secure their new home or investment for the right price. By having an industry expert represent your interests at auction, you will not only save yourself the time and stress associated with attending the auction, but you could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars.

Appraise and Negotiate

As an experienced buyers agent, we have our client’s best interest at heart and will always give our honest analysis and objective opinion on the property you want to purchase. We work out the exact worth of your potential next investment or family home.

When dealing with any selling agent, we take a professional, fair and straightforward approach to representing your best interests to guarantee you never pay too much at auction or through private treaty.

By giving you an honest analysis of the real market value of the property you’re interested in, you can make a purchase with complete confidence and only pay what the property is worth.

Help Buy

Contact us today to discuss our services in detail or for a confidential discussion about what your real estate procurement needs are.

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