What are off Market Properties?

They are the properties that you do not hear about until they are sold.  Some owners choose to sell privately.  They are not advertised to the general public and buyer’s agents like us who have developed relationships with agents over the past 20 years will get you access to properties that you never see.

Engaging us as your exclusive buyer’s agent you will be in a property faster, safer and at the best possible price.

Pre Mark Properties

Have you ever seen a property that goes online as sold and wondered why it sold so quick, without you even knowing about it?

These properties are sold premarket.  Premarket is a property that is released to us before it goes out to the marketplace.  With the relationships we have developed over the past 20 years you will benefit from our connections.  We will get through these properties ahead of the line at the open.

When buying premarket a buyer needs to be ready to act really quickly.  We’ve bought so many properties for our clients that have taken advantage of our connections and getting in door first.

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