How Can a Buyer’s Agent Help Me and Do I Need One?

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Buyer’s Agents generally come from a real estate sales background (you should only select one who does) as they are skilled with both sides of the transaction.  They know how the agent’s and seller’s work.

Buyer’s Agents are relatively new in Australia compared to the USA. In the USA most Buyers seek the assistance of a Buyer’s Agent.

The difference between a buyer’s agent and a sales agent is the seller engages a sales agent to sell their property and a buyer engages a buyer’s agent to represent them when they are buying a property.

So…..How Can A Buyers Agent Help Me

  • They’ll know the market place you are considering buying.  This should help you avoid paying too much.
  • A Buyer’s Agent works for you 100% that do not work for the seller or the sales agent they are independent.  (Never use the buyer’s agent in a real estate sales office).
  • You are treated more seriously than other buyer’s, as the sale agent knows you are a serious buyer because you have paid a buyer’s agent.  The sales agent knows you have your finances are in place and that you are ready to buy.

You Will Be Taken Seriously

  • You will have an expert on your side that appraises the property and who provides you with a comparable analysis of what the property is really worth.
  • Buying a property can be full of excitement and also full of trauma. You are buying with your emotions and we are buying for you with no emotional connection to the property we treat it as a transaction.
  • You can save $10,000’s of dollars if you engage a highly skilled negotiator. We recently saved Frank and Silvia $88,000 off the purchase of a 1 Million dollar property.   

Save $10,000’s of Dollars with a buyers agent on your side

  • Your buyer’s agent will investigate the surrounding areas to ensure that there isn’t anything that will seriously affect the value of the property. They will organise pest, building & strata reports and they will liaise with your solicitor.
  •  Access to off market property (property that is not advertised).

If you would like to find out more without and obligation you can schedule a call and we can let you know whether we are the best agent for you.  We only work with 3 clients at an given time.

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