How We Saved Frank & Silvia $88,000 When They Bought Their Dream Property…..You could too. We Did it in Under Two Weeks

Before we jump in is say that this property was not worth millions of dollars….It’s not. It was under $1.5M.
Frank and Silvia had been looking around for a property to buy, they’d been looking for over twelve months. They were frustrated, time poor, sick of being lied to, missing out on properties. Spending thousands of dollars on reports for properties that the never really had the budget for. (the agent underquoted the likely selling price).

Initially Frank and Silvia were looking around Waterloo, Zetland and the surrounding suburbs. They wanted an apartment with outdoor areas where Silvia could lay in the sun and a place where they could entertain their friends.
We shortlisted a handful of properties for them and some of these properties were not advertised to the general public. There was one property they fell in love with….Silvia had to have it…..We called the agent up and put in an offer on the property. We got a call back from the agent saying the property had sold…..Silvia was so disappointed….

Then….A stunning property was available in Camperdown. They love Camperdown as they were living close by. They didn’t think they would find something within their budget because they had been looking in this area for soooo long….
We arranged to view the property, and it was stunning! I had to remind Silvia not to get excited. She was like a little kid in a candy shop…It was a far better property than anything they had seen. OMG the view to the City was stunning. The outdoor terrace was massive and with a few cosmetic improvements, it was far more than they had dreamed of.
It was now our job to go in hard and negotiate on behalf and Silvia and Frank and buy the property at the best price. With that breath-taking view and the layout, we had our work cut out.

We have been negotiating with property for over 20 years so we have a system pretty well down pat. To be honest, I was so excited for them, I shared their joy and it was great to be part of it. I started with a very low offer, the offer was refused. We slowly increased our offer and although it wasn’t our client’s last dollar I used an odd amount and said we are walking away if the owner does not accept the offer. (We still had a fair bit of money to play with).

We agreed on the price and I had the pleasure of calling them up to say congratulation. The excitement in their voices was priceless……until we found a technicality in the contract. This had gone from their new home to back on the street’s looking again…..I suggested we go back and offer a lower amount. We had secured the property at a good price regardless, we had nothing to lose. After a few phone calls, I negotiated an additional $20,000 of the price I had already negotiated.

Suddenly Silvia and Frank were both back in love with this property. They have lived in the property for around 6 months now and they love it. The only regret they had was not engaging a buyer’s agent earlier.
If you’d like to have a confidential chat about how we may be able to help you too. We’re a little bit different from the others, we only work with 3 buyers at any given time. We normally have a waiting list. Want to Know More…..Click below or call us on (02) 8039 1444.

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