How Much Do Real Estate Agents Charge in NSW and What To Look Out For

Real Estate Agent's Fees Differ

Real Estate Agent’s in NSW fees can vary considerably depending on the location of the property.  A Sydney real estate agent’s percentage will be less that what an agent charges in NSW country regions.  The reason is that properties in the City are sold at a far higher price than what a regional area is and there is far more competition. Typically, around the inner city suburbs you will pay anywhere from 1.5 +GST to 2% plus GST.  A buyer’s agent will be 1-2 percent of the purchase price.

So, What Agent Should I choose?

Sadly, many home sellers and property buyer’s get so caught up on what one agent charges over the other.  They generally make the wrong decision by choosing the cheapest agent around.  This can be one of the mostly costly decisions that you make in a lifetime.  If you’re a home seller this could mean a loss of $10,000’s of dollars and the same for a buyer engaging a buyer’s agent.

“The most dangerous decision you Could End Up Making is a Fee-Based Decision.  The Cheapest Agent Will Generally Cost you the Most Amount of Money.  YES”.

What Should I Do If I Ask the Agent to Reduce Their Fee and They Do?

Run…..If a real estate agent is prepared to drop their pants when you ask what type of negotiator are they?  Would you really want them buying or selling a property for you?  NO….How are they going to be able to negotiate the best buying or selling price for you?  You are a better negotiator dismiss them and find an agent that won’t.

“If an Agent Reduces Their Fee When You Ask Them to Find another Agent”

Would You Accept a Lesser Pay Cheque Next week?

Probably not…..If an seller or buyer’s agent is prepared to throw away their own money by discounting you have to ask yourself the questions “What Will They Do With My Money”.  Avoid this agent at all costs.

“Always Ask the Agent to Reduce Their Fee, if They Won’t This May Be the Best Possible Negotiator to Have on Your Side.

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