How to Be Treated as a Serious Property Buyer?

Thinking About Buying A Property

Unfortunately, the real estate sales agents refer to buyers as liars.  It is an interesting view to say the least.  Let’s face it Real Estate agents aren’t the most honest people you will come across, so it’s a contradictory.

If you want to be treated as a serious buyer

  • Make sure that you have preliminary finance approval;
  • Put your offer in writing, there is no obligation for you to buy the property until you and the seller have signed the Contract of Sale;
  • Have a competent solicitor or conveyancer readily available;
  • In a heated market you are best to put your offer on a Contract of Sale with 0.25% of the offer.  Make sure you seek independent legal advice before doing so.  There is no binding agreement in place until both seller and buyer sign the contract. 
  • Engage the services of a real estate buyer agent they work independently for you.  You will be treated as a serious buyer by doing so and it could be the difference of you being the successful or unsuccessful buyer.  Sales agent’s love dealing with buyers’ agents as they know the buyer is pre-approved, are committed and that they will be well guided and are genuine. 
  • It is essential if you are buying a house that you engage the services of a pest and building inspector.  If the property is an apartment or townhouse, make sure you get a professional strata inspector to carry out an inspection of the strata records.  These reports can assist a skilled negotiator to use these reports to their advantage.
  • Remember that your offer can always be increased, so read up on negotiations.  Engage a buyer’s agent to negotiate the price for you.  You will pay a fee; they can research the market with access to data that is not available to the general public.

The information provided is general advice only, it is not to be perceived as legal or financial advice.  If you are considering buying a property you should seek independent advice from a person qualified to do so.

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