Not all Sydney Buyers Agent’s are Experienced, Don’t Get Stung by an Amateur

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“Let’s be honest the FBI wouldn’t send in an inexperienced Negotiator during a Hostage…. Nor should you.  You don’t have to settle for someone who will just “get the job done” at any cost to you.

The Sydney Buyer’s Agency space up until the last 12 months a lot of buyer’s agents had years of industry experience.  The space is filling up with agent’s illegally obtaining their real estate license from interstate in 6 weeks, so they do not have to undergo supervision in NSW.  Sales agents are becoming sick and tired of the rookies as they are to hit and miss.  Fair Trading NSW is watching very closely.

Let’s face it we all need to start somewhere, and we need to learn.  Negotiation is a learned skill, developed over many years and not something everyone can do, it’s a craft.  Their training should not be at your expense.  A solicitor studies for 6 years and undergoes 2 years of supervision as do many health professionals.  There is a way to see how long a Sydney Buyer’s Agent has been in the industry.  It’s really simple and we will explain it below.

The longer the number the less the experience, for example, we’ve been licensed since 1996 and our license number is 6 digits long.  An agent who obtained their license last year will have an 8 digit license number.  You will also be able to see the history.

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You don’t have to settle for someone that will “just get the job done”, you deserve an expert.  Do your homework or you’ll end up paying too much and potentially missing out on your dream home”.


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