3 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Home Now

Selling a property

COVID – 19
There has never been a better time for property owners to sell their property than now.  With private inspections back property there are far more serious buyers than the usual lookers at most open homes.  Unlike round one of the pandemic, the marketplace is not nervous.  It is on fire.

There is Less Competition
For those who are waiting for spring, I encourage you to forget about spring and put your property in front of genuine buyers in spring more properties will come on the market which will create competition effectively lowering your chances of getting a lower price.

Why Wait for More Competition in the Market Place? Take full Advantage of the current marketplace.”

Those Who Waited Missed Out
There is an influx of buyers.  During the pandemic last year many buyers held off.  Sellers came to the market with fear.  This time things are different, there is a lot more confidence and an oversupply of buyers.  This means that you have the best opportunity to get the best price.

If you need help finding the best sales agent to market your property we offer a free service to homeowners.  We interview 3 local agents, mystery shop them and come back to you with our recommendations on the best agent.


“The Cheapest Agent Can Cost You the most Amount of Money.”