What is Off-Market Property and How Can I Be First to Know About It?

Silent Sales Secret

Off Market Property is Property That Is Not Advertised to The General Public is referred to as “Off Market Property”.  There are several reasons why a home seller will use this method of sale.  Commonly referred to as “a silent sale”.

  • They may be experiencing financial hardship and do not want their neighbours to know that are selling;
  • They are looking for a price that is above market and want to “test the market”;
  • It is not advertised or marketed to the general public;
  • When a property nearby has sold for an exceptional price and a neighbour wants to test the market;
  • If they need to sell urgently;
  • To avoid having to hold open for inspections every weekend.

This is a sample of reasons why sellers choose to use the “off-market” sale method.

How Do I get to Know About These Properties?

When a property is sold using the “off-market” method the selling agent will get in touch with buyer’s agents that they have developed relationships with.  They contact us to see if we may have a buyer we are working with. Sales agents love working with buyers agents, they know that the agent understands the process and they know that you the buyer has engaged a buyers agent so they are treated more seriously. This gives you a very competitive advantage over a buyer who is not being represented by a buyers agent.

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