Buyers Agents Sydney Who Do I Choose?

The New Breed

Buyers Agents are popping up everywhere in Sydney over the past 12 months.  The new breed has had little or no experience.  When this is the case it is far better to find an experienced agent or do it alone.  Real Estate is not something whereby you do a week’s course and open up shop.  Would you go to a medical professional or accounting professional with no experience?

Negotiating is a learnt skill, it’s not something that you just know.  Negotiation is a skill, and it is not something everyone can do.  The biggest problem is that people become emotional when they negotiate.  There is no room for emotions in negotiations.  How many times have you made an emotional buying decision?  How many emotional buying decisions have you made and regret?  It is no different for an inexperienced agent who’s like a little kid on the block full of emotion.  The FBI don’t send in a rooky to negotiate in a hostage situation it takes many years of training.

“Negotiation is a skill it’s not developed overnight and it’s not something that everyone is able to successfully do”.  It requires the removal of one’s emotions.

 The Buying Process
If you were up against 10 buyers who would you want on your side?  A highly skilled agent who’s done a week’s course or an experienced agent that knows the buying process.  Buying a property should be a planned process.  There is no skill in putting in an offer on a property crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.  You need an agent on your side with at least 10 years’ experience.  An agent that understanding the selling and buying process.

“You need someone on your side that has many experiences through the buying and selling process.  They’ll need to know how to map out the process to position you best”.

As a Sydney Buyer’s Agent we need to know the market, we need to know how to carry out the due diligence and craft how to do determine the market worth of a property, so you are not overpaying.  Learning how to study a market takes years of skill.  You cannot learn how to research a market overnight.

“You cannot learn to research a market overnight it takes many years of skill and due diligence and you certainly can’t learn how to negotiate overnight”.