Property Buyers are You Getting the Run Around?

Buyers Agent Sydney

Buyers Agent Sydney


Are you a frustrated property buyer?

People just like you are reaching out to MULLIGAN Property Acquisitions to be their Sydney Buyer’s Agents.  Their biggest complaints are:

  • The agent doesn’t respond to my email
  • The agent doesn’t return our call
  • The agent lies to us about the price
  • The agent is not very truthful
  • Worried about making a poor decision
  • Are time poor
  • Worried about overpaying

You are not alone…. These buyers often feel

  • Frustrated
  • Defeated
  • Lost hope of ever being able to find a property
  • Cheated
  • Disappointed
  • Depressed

Don’t lose hope…. There is a solution and hers how you can turn it around


Most buyers that reach out to find out about buyer’s agents all share the same experiences they say they feel like they’ve been to war, they’re tired, sick of looking at properties, feeling broke with forking out money. They’ve been looking for months and some over a year…. Does this sound familiar?

After a buyer engages us to help them things turn around.  They start out feeling the same defeat and after the first week, the excitement returns.  They become refreshed and the pain goes away.  They feel that they are supported and that they have someone on their side.  The sound in their voices change and so does their dreams of finding a home.

All the clients that we have helped have paid less than what they believe they would have got the property for and many say without the help they would have missed out.

The longest it has taken to secure a property for our clients is 8 weeks and the average is around 6 weeks.

If your situation feels the same…. don’t give up!  Help is available and the investment in engaging the services of a buyer’s agent with 20+ years of experience….. you will be in safe hands.

If you have any questions or feel like a chat, reach out to one of the team and see our MULLIGAN can turn your pain into a pleasurable experience.