What is a Sydney Buyer’s Agent

Paul Mulligan

Paul Mulligan

A Buyers Agent is a Real Estate Professional Who Represents Property Buyers

There is a misconception that anyone can become a buyers agent.  In Sydney, there are dozens of inexperienced Sydney buyers agents who have done an online course, obtained their real estate licence in days and set up shop.  They have absolutely no negotiation skills or industry knowledge.

How to Choose a Sydney Buyers Agent

In NSW you can determine the experience of a Sydney Buyers Agent by doing a search at Fair Trading NSW.  It is a handy tool as you can determine the length of time a person has held a license or an assistance agents qualification.  One of the easiest ways is clicking on the link below and typing the agent’s name.  The longer the number the shorter the time they have been in the industry.  Check Now.

  1. Once you have done your search ensure the Sydney Buyers Agent has a minimum of 5 years of experience.  (You wouldn’t go and see a doctor that’s just come out of college).  

  2. Ask the Sydney Buyers Agent what negotiation training they have done and what books have they read on real estate negotiation.  (Negotiation is a skill that everyone can master).
  3. Ask whether he or she has ever sold property.  This will determine their level of experience in the selling process.  An experienced professional will understand both sides of the transaction.  Your representative should have a significant amount of skill in dealing with sellers.  Do you want an agent representing you that doesn’t understand the full process?

  4. Ask the Sydney buyers agent whether they will reduce their fee.  If they are prepared to discount fee its advisable to discount this agent.  If you can get an agent to negotiate their fee you are a better negotiator.  Either find one who won’t or save yourself some money and do it yourself.

  5. Who are they representing?  Make sure that the Sydney buyers agent is independent.  Who is paying them?  Are they representing you or a developer?  There are plenty of people who call themselves buyers agents but they are paid enormous commissions to sell you a property that the developer can’t offload.  Ensure they are independent.

“Check out the Sydney Buyers Agent by doing a search on how long they have been in the industry”.  If you were being operated on you would want the best doctor.  In real estate, you want a highly skilled negotiator on your side”


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