What’s the Difference Between a Buyer’s Agent and a Sellers Agent?

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Let’s talk about the agent everyone is familiar with and that is a seller’s agent.  Selling agents are engaged by property owners to sell their property for a fee.  The role of the sales agent is to work in the best interests of the seller by providing a market analysis on the owner’s property, market the property and the achieve the best possible sales price for the seller.

It is a known fact that not all real estate agent’s work in the best interest of the seller.  Some will disclose what the lowest price an owner will accept.  Some agents are notorious for misleading property buyers.  A common example is when a property is marketed by auction.  The selling agent normally underquote the true value of the property.  This causes problems for many buyers as they spend money on pest and building reports on a property that was not in their price range.

“It’s Know in the Industry That an Agent Will Quote the Buyer 10-20% Less Price Guide to Bait the Buyer for a Property Being Sold By Auction”

There are many people who refer to themselves as a buyer’s agent.  They do a 6 week course and are legally qualified to represent you on the purchase of a property.  It’s crazy.  The other type is agents that sell and buy property, you need an experienced buyer’s agent that has worked in both real estate sales and as a buyer’s agent for a minimum of 5 years.

A Buyer’s Agent’s role is to exclusively represent the property buyer to save you time, money and stress plus give you access to properties that do not even hit the open market.  A good buyer’s agent will be able to  carry out a market analysis to determine the market worth of the property so that you don’t overpay.  Unfortunately, too many buyer’s pay about market value.

A Buyer’s Agent will guide you through the buying process, they will walk with you every step of the way.  They are not emotionally attached to a property and they will make sure that you don’t pay too much.

They can research the area for any known developments or things that may significantly reduce the value of the home you are looking at.

A highly skilled negotiator should be able to secure a property for you over any other buyer who is not represented with the best terms and price.

You will be treated far more serious and have so many other advantages over unrepresented buyers.

“It Has Been Said that 80% of Property Buyer’s engage a Buyer’s Agent when they transact on property in the USA”