Is a Buyer’s Agent Just About Saving Money?

Does A Buyer’s Agent just Save Us Money?

The people that we have helped engaged us as their Buyers Agent for many reasons.  Every other Buyers Agents is telling prospects it’s all about getting access to properties that are pre market or sold without going on the market.  There some is truth in this however if this is the selling point of using a Buyer’s Agent keep looking for one that offer multiple benefits.

“If a Buyer’s Agent Number One Benefit is to Get You Access to Off Market Properties Find a Better, one that adds Value”.

So, what other ways can we help you?


Most buyers are emotional.  They see a property that they fall in love with they become very emotional and they get caught out by paying too much.  A competent Buyer’s Agent with years of experience removes the emotion when they are negotiating for you and buys with their head and not their heart. “You Will Have a Competitive Advance Over any Other Buyer”  Stress and Time Buying a property can be one of the most stressful experiences that you can encounter in your life, with the right help it doesn’t need to be.  They say it’s up there with divorce!  It can take up your weekends and you lose time spending it with friends and family.  A Buyer’s Agent will know the market and save you time by shuffling through the properties that are not for you.  You get more social time with friends and family. Due Diligence A sales agent has a legal obligation to represent their client who’s selling a property.  With a Buyer’s Agent on your side we will help you with the steps to ensure your due diligence has been achieved.   They will advise you on the necessary reports that are required and liaise with your financier and Solicitor.  They’ll take you through the complete buyer journey process, so you don’t feel daunted. Negotiate A Buyer’s Agent should have many years of experience in negotiation.  They should have read hundreds of books, attended training and a minimum of 10 years.  If a Buyer’s Agent reduces their fee you are best of doing it yourself as you are a better negotiator if you can beat them down on price.  Many Buyer’s Agent’s don’t have negotiation skills.

“If You Can Get a Buyer’s Agent to Reduce their Fee you are Better Off not Engaging Them, you are a Better Negotiator than They Are”.

Remember this The Cheapest Agent is Likely to be the Most Expensive Agent.

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